our r&d has spent years researching and subsequently developed a range of the highest performing thermal and uv protection products. our protracted expertise allow us to incorporate our products on absolutely any type of building, regardless of its height and/or complexity!

Nano TechnologY

Nano Coat is a result of advances in the research and development of both Sol-Gel and Nano technologies. It is a water-based solution that is applied directly on glass panels and windows. The product comes in a liquid form that, when applied to a surface, cures into a film that is only seven microns thick. This technology traps the heat before it enters the room allowing air-conditioning to work more efficiently and provide savings in energy consumption.

glass coatings

Glass coating can help save energy and reduce carbon emissions. Glass coating provides long lasting durable protection, scratch resistance, water, dirt, ice and snow repellence. They also provide solar protection, corrosion resistance and self-cleaning properties.

Glass coatings take two main forms; nano coating and liquid glass coating. Nano coatings are non-stick coatings used to reduce the contact of dirt particles with the glass. Nano coatings have good permanence and longevity, with good UV stability. They also have excellent abrasion resistance with the substrate.

UGC® Ultra Glass Coating for UV and solar heat Protection

Basically our product UGC® works by forming a thin film that absorbs light in the Ultraviolet. 

The simplest explanation is that keeping in mind ultraviolet light has a lower wavelength (higher photon energy) than other light. As such UGC® has a band gap larger than that of visible light (>~3eV, TiO2 which is what is used in sunscreen for example), in this manner UGC® screen’s out the UV Photons; so effectively you could say it is fully absorbed sunscreen for your windows.

Notably the film does not have a necessity to be very thick at all because the absorption of light scales exponentially with the absorption coefficient (Beer’s law).

All in One UGC®

Comfort – Experience indoors, 4-5°C cooler

A cooler environment prevents exhaustion, allowing you to be more productive with your day

Prevents heat related conditions like heat stroke

Unobstructed windows means a brighter room with a better view


Protection – Block 86% of UV rays from reaching you

Protects your body from harmful UV which ages skin and causes skin disease

Prevents furniture and products from fading

Helps keep your glass free from microbes


Savings – Lower your power consumption by 39 kWh/m2* in a month

Reduces the power your air-conditioner needs to keep your room cool

Lessens the use of artificial lights during the day

Decreases the cost of maintenance by eliminating the use of glass cleaners

glass solar control

Glass Solar Control Coating® is a solar control nano-coating ideal for single or double paned glass and poly-carbonate surfaces. Applied like a paint, Liquid Glass Solar Control Coating is capable of blocking 99.9% of Ultraviolet (UV) rays, up to 95% of Infrared (IR) rays and maintaining up to 85% Visible Light Transmittance (VLT).* Through the combination of solvent borne metal-oxide nano-particles and an inorganic adhesive binder, Glass Solar Control Coating forms a 10 micron thick self-levelling clear coat that bonds directly to glass and poly-carbonate surfaces. Unlike conventional window films, Glass Solar Control Coating will not peel, crack, bubble or fade over time lasting a minimum of 10 years.

Thermal Paint

Thermal Paint Coating for roofs, walls & Ceilings

In collaboration with our sister company Thermilate Technologies Limited we can also assist in complete coating insulation products for the entire building. Thermilate products are paint based products made for exterior roof tops, internal walls and separate more durable outdoor coatings which contain their unique insulation additives.  Combining our glass coatings and our partners wall coatings will provide any building with a complete insulation solution, protecting the building from the extremeties of  solar heat and UV. We have our own team of professional contractors, whom our engineers and specialists enjoy working with on a majority of our projects!Throughout our years in business, we’ve accumulated a strong expertise both in managing and completing any type of a complete insulation solution. We understand how vital it is to coordinate the project in a timely, cost-efficient way. As of now both we and our partners at Thermilate  have already dealt with numerous mid and large scale companies including the likes of Coke Cola, Holiday Inn, NHS, Titanic Museum (Belfast), Shell, Health Protection Agency in the UK; as such we’ve mastered the art of minimising any extra expenses, completing each project’s stage on schedule and implementing a live project intact with both original insulating and UV protection solutions and the client’s initial vision..

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