We are manufacturers of specialist glass coatings at the forefront of technology, utilising nano molecules to build in advanced benefits.

Ultra Glass Coatings (UGC®) And Nano Technology

Nano Coat is a result of advances in the research and development of both Sol-Gel and Nano technologies. It is a water-based solution that is applied directly on glass panels and windows. The product comes in a liquid form that, when applied to a surface, cures into a film that is only seven microns thick. This technology traps the heat before it enters the room allowing air-conditioning to work more efficiently and provide savings in energy consumption.

Glass is becoming more popular in architectural designs because of the elegance and the natural light it provides. However, more glass allows excessive heat and harmful UV rays to enter the room often leading to fatigue, irritation, and an unproductive environment. UV rays also cause permanent damage to interiors and in excess is harmful to our bodies causing dehydration, nausea skin aging and other skin conditions.

UGC® is a unique solution to these problems because it can reduce the heat and UV ray penetration but maintain a high level of visible light transmission into the room. With Nano Coat, you can finally open your curtains to enjoy the view outside your window with comfort and protection