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Skin Cancer Rate = 1 in 3 Culprit = Solar UV
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Advisory services

Any project is well served if the physical and functional essences of that project as well as its cost-benefit analysis are properly advised upon and accounted for in advance.

Consulting on uv light / solar heat protection

We provide extensive analysis and advice on how best to reap the maximum benefits of restricting both UV and Solar Heat entering the building using our product range.

Pre-implementation Services

We take our time on initial planning before any implementation begins, to ensure we balance all the financial and efficiency issues beforehand o behalf of our clients.

Further enhancements

If a project would benefit from additional wall and roof insulation we will advise further on potentially utilising our sister companies wall and roof coatings on how additional enhancements could benefit.

Project Management

Project management is crucial to our work ethic. We use highly defined timescales and targets to ensure that every project is completed successfully and in a timely manner, with the absolute minimal disruption.

After Sales Service

We don't simply carry out a project and forget all about it. For us long term relationships are highly important and we ensure we are there for you if you should ever have any issue with our product or work.

Our History

Our company was founded in order to address the global needs of rising uv light entering the atmosphere and increasing solar heat causing increasing damage to people's health and discomfort.

Since our inception we have worked with numerous commercial, governmental and private buildings and facilities.  Our projects include protecting buildings from the vast effects and damages of UV light entering them and causing long term damage to the people inside them. This is of particular importance in hot and more sunnier climates where the effects of such are further exacerbated. Our products not only protect from the very damaging effects of UV light which everyone knows can and do lead to cancer in the longer term, but also restrict the entry of heat into the buildings through the glass where used. This helps keep the internal environment more comfortable at substantially lower air conditioning costs.

And if all that wasn’t enough our products have a unique, secret formula which also creates a self cleaning effect, as such the costs of keeping glass clean, the costs being an ongoing and regular cost. No one likes unsightly dirty windows, which not only (ironically) block light but present an image of uncleanliness and unprofessionalism.

Following through our website you will see the diverse range of products that we have on offer to meets the demands of any type of building utilised for any purpose, whether that be a conservatory for a home owner to an international airport.