product applications

shopping centre insulation and air conditioning

Commercial Buildings / Shopping Centre

Shopping centre's and other such commercial buildings are probably the most diverse category of building to work with. Fortunately we’ve got the experience of protecting shoppers in this family environment ranging from both small shopping malls to 50-stories high-rises! Allowing them to focus on what they do best, browse, shop, socialise and eat out!

airport insulation

Airports/ Exhibition Centres/Cultural / Lifestyle

The protection and comfort of individuals visiting a socially important building, such as a mosque at numerous times on a routine basis is paramount, as are historical, museum, children and community centre's. Thankfully, we’ve got the product range to provide that all important protection and comfort for those that patronage such places.

conservatory insulation

Conservatories / Homes / Apartments

While building houses, property developers are encouraged by the market to maximise light entering a house. Whilst this is great for ambience, homeowners all too often forget about the routine battering their bodies are receiving from the effects of the sun's UV rays. This situation is further exacerbated in conservatory areas making them impossible to use in extreme temperatures. Our products can prevent all these issues, whilst allowing home owners to enjoy their homes to the fullest extent.

university UV insulation


Educational institutions especially university level can have much more creative designs, often incorporating large sections of glass facing the sun, which whilst looking beautiful from the outside can let in abnormal amounts of heat and UV, making the establishment where the students spend the majority of their days whilst studying unhealthy and unsafe. This is also a considerable matter of concern for schools, with your adults whose bodies are more susceptible to such extremeties suffering long term effects from an early age.


Government / Military

The public sector of any country will manage the greatest number of buildings with tens of thousands of employees based within them. Unfortunately the lack of regard for their safety and comfort due to solar heat and UV can often have a dire effect on the present and future health of any nation.

hospital insulation

Healthcare Buildings

We can protect any healthcare building. From a small private medical clinic to a full-fetched, new county hospital! Our products provide the extremely important protection, safety and comfort for patients already in varying degrees of distress.


Offices Buiidings / Industrial

It goes without saying that millions of people spend the majority of their working lives sat in offices behind large glass windows being baked in heat and the perfect targets for dangerous UV rays. Our products are the perfect solution to make the lives of so many more comfortable, safer, protective, leading to greater productivity and staff appreciation.

Hotel Sunny Location


Hotels spend huge costs on ensuring their establishments provide the highest levels of comfort and safety for their guests. Clearly it is a well known fact that air conditioning and/or heating costs are among the highest costs they suffer in their day to day running. Our products, whilst providing a safer, more comfortable experience for guests will also contribute continuously on helping management reduce these costs as well as a selling point to in their marketing collateral.

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